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Tomorrow May Be Too Late

With the irony of global politics, waves of violence
Had swept the world in recent years
And left millions of children displaced or orphaned,
And they do now live in fears!
The plight of these innocent children
Is awesome and cruelties seem to soar
While their deaths from ailments or lack of
Medications are pushing the heaven's door!

The world has been plagued by persistent conflict,
And the children are facing the tolls
Irrespective of plans to improve child well being,
Nothing rattles the politicians' souls!
Pressing issues of mortality, AIDS, exploitation
And poverty can't be ignored any more
And time has come now for the leaders to think,
Before it becomes the global eye sore!

Commitment to create a world for sustainable
Development is a crying need of the hour
Based on the democracy, equality, and social justice,
To avoid the feelings of sour!
Sexual exploitations, impacts of armed conflict,
Child labor and abuse are still going on
In the present millennium of our civilized world,
That we can see from dusk until dawn!

Investment in the happiness of children
Must play in creating a world truly fit for them
Based on the grass-roots view of their needs,
And make them shine like a sparkling gem!
The children trapped in poverty and war
Are being exploited right under parents' noses
While global actors do admit that future
Of these children is not going to be bed of roses!

The challenges faced by the world children today
Are too many, and variable in nature
Such as drugs, pregnancy, violence, truancy
And dropouts are displaying main caricature!
Children of our society are being exposed
To the impacts of war or economic sanctions
And international communities are crying foul
For inabilities to choke political factions!

Today, may I draw the global attention
On the concerns of the world children of all ages
Who, throughout decades, had been the symbol
Of human life, as found in history pages!
So, schooling for the children is a necessity
To make them become seekers of knowledge
And allow them to voice their concerns about lives,
In the days of technological edge!

With profound sadness, I confess poverty and inequity
Are increasing in an alarming rate
At a time of global wealth with technological advances,
And affecting the children's fate!
An emerging knowledge-based economy tells
That the shortage of capacity or resource
Is deeply embedded in modern political will,
Commitment, priority, vision, and force!

Thus, to create a world fit for children of present
And future, I am too anxious to see
The clouds of violence to disappear, and allow them
To unlock with a happiness key!
Adults must indulge the children to think clearly,
And speak publicly in a lucid fashion
While society will learn to hear them with sympathy,
Followed by respect and passion!

The daunting task of promoting rights of children
In the twenty-first century and after
Truly demands the unwavering attention today,
And it's not a matter of joke or laughter!
Children are a priceless treasure, and their well being
Must be the underlying cause
To create a prosperous global village,
Without a second thought or a political pause!

My restless heart now longs to change the world
For the children of today and tomorrow
To assure dignity and security, without any exception,
And self-pride without a sorrow!
So, may I appeal to all leaders to enforce good intentions
And fine words into action now
'Cause tomorrow may be too late to make a world
Fit for children or show an empty vow! 


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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