Theme: War


Think about tomorrow,
But nothing seems to be right
You won't get anything,
Until you put up a fight.

That's what's on today,
And that's what we want to stop
Prevent war from leading agendas,
Bring peace back on top.

Think about tomorrow,
And no one seems to be safe
Well! The story is told,
From the look on their face.

So much so for the warriors,
Who endanger their lives
Leaving behind their children,
And their caring wives.

The evils of war
Are sufferings and peril,
War just seems to be the
Incarnation of the devil.

Many have lost their lives
Many die even today,
Few survive to tell the tale
On another day.

Windows shattered by guns,
Houses destroyed by bombs
Will this violence never end?
Just seems to go on and on.

We've had enough of this
Give peace a chance...
Come together in harmony,
Stop this violent stance.

There will be a certain day
When nothing will be left,
The earth will be zilched
And all of us bereft.

Let the world live
Give it a happy face,
Embrace peace and harmony...
Long live the human race !


More By  :  Mrinal Kaul

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