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To The Parents of A Young Woman

A plant grows into a tree.
The tree shoots its leaves and flowers
on its branches.
The flowers grow and ripe into fruits.
The fruits on the tree shed their seeds.


The tree ( who is the mother of the seed)
never  asks for a compensation for
bringing the seed into this world
never  dictates what part of the
soil on which the seed  must fall
never tells the young plant
sprouting out of the seed
how fast or slow
should the plant grow
never  tells the plant
growing into a proud tree
on which of its branches
must the flowers and leaves shoot.

and yet.....

The young growing plant
holds its ground of soil just fine
grows into a flowering tree just fine
produces the sweetest fruits just fine.

Leave her alone
oh parents of
young woman
whatever she does
whatever she becomes
because she uses her very own mind
your daughter is going to be just fine.


More By  :  Meenakshi Madhur

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