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The River of Life

Fierce currents of the river,
Pushing me into the unknown,
Clouds weeping,
Body of the world ignoring me.
Holding desperately to branches
Holding to stones......
My hands bleed.
Images of my life
Flashing fast......
Frenzy in my mind.......
While the River Tears me open.
Trying to stay in the surface........
Oh...I want to see your face
Once more, in this desperate spinning.
Current rush slowing now,
Softly leaving me
By the edge of a lake....
Its water blue mirror of the sky...
Not a breeze moves the vegetation,
Enveloped in white
Immobile bodies
Staring into nothingness.
My soul lies down in the freshness of the grass. 


More By  :  Pili Pubul

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