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The Serpent Ride

I can feel it, going through my body
So fast and yet so slow
Sometimes I wonder, why did I do it
To myself
And I wonder will I be grabbed
By a fallen demon to bring
To the fiery prison of agony
Or will an angel save me and take me
To the eternal heavens of joy and happiness
Or will I forever be bounded in chains to the earth
In chains of agony
Chains of solitary
Chains of hatred
When will I break free of it
When will I see the light,�or the darkness
I just want to break free of this world
So why is it taking so long, so cruel and yet so beautiful
And all these sufferings that we endure
Is all because of one man who has died
Who has brought it up on us,�. It is beginning to start
Will I see beauty in darkness
Or will I see death in light
Time will tell, for nobody can tell
Nobody can see what will happen
What you will see when you are on the point of losing your life
And now it has ended The Serpent Ride  


More By  :  Naijerana

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