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The Size of My Heart

The size of my heart does not define
how much I love you.
For the love in my heart is like
ten thousand miniature worlds,
All but one containing
millions of men and women,
who are a representation
of my love for you,
and when they too find love,
their love grows,
and my love for you strengthens.

In each of these worlds
the sky is a different color,
Sometimes red with white clouds,
and sometimes lilac with yellow.
Day after day my world changes
when I am around you,
And each day
the sky becomes more and more beautiful.

One of these worlds is very small,
just for the two of us.
Night turns to day too quickly,
but we get to see a hundred sunrises and sunsets,
and fall deeper in love for every passing one.
This is my favorite world,
just you and I together
with the beauty
that surrounds.

In and around my heart of worlds,
in the surrounding galaxy,
Thousands of shooting stars flicker across the dark sky.
Although they are not stars,
but thousands of sparks every time
you smile at me,
I remember the first one;
it shot across the starless sky,
and lit up
each world in my heart,
That light was so intense,
that it is still illuminating my universe
for all to see.

The size of my heart does not define
how much I love you.
It is its power,
and variety of different loves
that coincide within me.
All I have become,
in love or in life
has been made by the worlds
you created inside me,
When I am lonely,
I go in to our world and reminisce about your smile,
I look at the heavens,
and every time without delay
a shooting star
illuminates my sky.


More By  :  Chris Mahoney

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