Theme: Idealism

The Slave of Pain

The ocean wave lashed at the shore
In the wrathful brunt of its rage,
The sand asserted yet once more
Showing the experience of old age.

"Nay", said the sea to the sand
"Do not stop again my desire..."
"Yet I must", came the reply from land
"Your wishes are too harmful to acquire."

And as she sat on the beach
To witness once again this war,
Confusion was all she could reach
Confusion which challenges are for...

And then in a sudden wave of vengeance
And a strength born of inner pride,
And a face impassive with impatience
She let the ocean waves subside...

She strode off, out of the beach
To do what she thought was right,
She was slave to no one; she'd impeach
And summon all her courage and fight...

The waves here were nothing else
But her sensitive desiring heart,
The sand here was the mind's rebel
Making her and her desires part...

One, the desire to be like the rest
Of her social race,
The other a desire to do the best
On sociability and friendship's face...

Yet, she had been born with ideals
That laid the foundation of her mind,
And the way her race would deal
She knew all their ideals were blind...

And still she strode on
Against the harshness, of the wind bitter-cold,
Her weather-beaten frame shone
Like in the armor of a brave warrior; experienced, but not old.

Yet idealism has its own
Expensive cost to pay...
Oh Idealist! the cost of the right to be shown
Shall make each day, a may-day!

And so the deed was done
A messiah's task accomplished,
And once again the battle was won
The armour once more glowed like polished...

She turned back to tell all
Of her brave, courageous deed,
And couldn't help but feel small
To see their corpses on the battlefield...

She retreated to the beach
Once more surrounded by herself,
The wrong she had impeached
Such that now there was no one else.

After a few hours of silence
Once again the turmoil began,
The sea and sand showed violence
And ideals once again won the clan...

This time she was truly appaled
But summoned her courage once more,
For she the messiah had been called
To enslave the evil's downpour...

And at the end of the fight,
She couldn't help but feel lonely again
Social animal or hero for the right?
It takes courage to be the slave of pain...


More By  :  Aditi Misra

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