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The Smile

I was astounded by the vision of a pretty face
From the passing train, I had caught its glimpse
It flashed a sudden smile as I watched
By something or someone it must've been caused

I craned my neck earnestly over the window sill
But alas, I was carried forward against my will
Lost was the face which had me stunned for a while
Left me wondering it did, that fleeting smile

Now what could have produced that simple reaction
Was it a result of someone's words or action
Or did the smile flow as the mind remembered
An event in life that had left its memories behind?

That smile...

Was it a reflection of a kind spirit
An embodiment of sympathy and a warm heart?
Was it an expression of fond amusement
At a gleeful child's rhapsody and amusement?

Was it an echo of a disgruntled sigh
As a love's tide ebbed after an emotional high?
Was it a veil to conceal a seething rage
Of a wounded soul thirsting for revenge?

Was it a facade of an effulgent glow
To hide a heart's dark and painful blow?
Was it a disillusionment at earth's paradise
On realizing that on money and power, man thrives?

That smile...

Was it a mock at the human frailities
That have become a part of its characteristics?
Was it a cynicism clothed in disguise
At the hypocritical clatter about world peace?

Was it an attitude of smugness and indifference
Towards a race experiencing decay in its values?
Was it a chaff at the feats of friends
As part of the playful fighting and then making amends?

Was it symbolic of showing deep regard
Towards a reverend soul, holy and sacred?
Was it shadowed sarcasm at the expressions
From one among the sublime or the ridiculous?

That smile...

Was it a valiant effort to seem unruffled
Turning a deaf ear, pretending that the critic waffled?
Was it brought about by a lover's thought
As lost in reverie, was a love-struck heart?

Was it a feeling depicting joy and contentment
At a peaceful life, led with carefree abandonment?
Oh! Wouldn't I give anything just to know
What has caused that odd smile to show!!


More By  :  Lakshmi Prabha Matham

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