Theme: Satire

To A Lady

Madam, should your ladyship excuse,
This is not a petticoat world
Where petty gossips of empty hours
With whiffs of eau-de-cologne mix
And spicy snacks with spicy talks.

Like a pussy cat perched
On a soft sofa-cum-bed
Of your next door friend
Whom you inwardly hate
Over a cup of tea
You wage a war
Against an absent adversary.
And cabalistically
You flay her flat.

It's a walkover and you win
Which makes you feel fine
Unmindful of the risk
Of leaving behind
Some useful weapons
For future use of your friend.

Ours is a bigger world
We are big guns
With big whiskers
We always talk big
Instead of tea
We drink coffee,
For your information, it's free.

A barrel we can empty
Not getting tipsy
Provided again it is free
We can demonstrate
Our voracious taste
When we are guests
Provided once more
We don't have to reciprocate.

Wars we also wage
Which we win or lose
Depending on which way the wind blows
Or how we preplan our course
Or what weapons we use
Which, for your information, lady dear,
You need not fear
For our weaponry
Differs from yours
Not in kind but in degree.

And yet,
Busy in our big world to belittle ourselves
Indulgently we treat
You as a small kitten
While you think
This fellow must be very dense
For whatever he says
Makes no sense.

But I would timorously say
Should your ladyship excuse,
It does make sense.
If not on the same boat
We are all on the same Bench.

Dwarf or tall
We are equally small
Smallest of course, of us all
Is that monkey of a man
Who with thin loins
Thinks himself a Mastaan.


More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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