Theme: Divinity

The Temple

by T. A. Ramesh
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Wondering as the foreigners
I wandered round the temple
In the temple city of Tamil Nadu;
I prayed to Goddess Meenakshi
To bless me with her grace
to get the bliss I gaze long
Perhaps her blessings bade me
to see many temples in this State.

The sanctum sanctorum of great temples
silences silly ideas to seriousness
Is it the presence of the power
or the artistic excellence that produces awe?
The great God is not a simple joke
to be easily assimilated
It's better not to have faith
rather than to believe to have one.

Faith depends upon devotion
on what one deeply believes in
Such a belief comes on long experience
and never on compulsion or conversion.
Love and affection, kindness and devotion
keep faith everlasting
And devotion based on love and truth
keeps faith diligent and unshakeable.

The mysteries of the divine miracles
are beyond the scope of human comprehension
But the evidence of such happenings
put aside all doubts in their favor.

The perfection of human soul
is the message of all temples
But without sex life is meaningless
on observing Nature in depth
So sex has to be enjoyed meaningfully
in life to achieve maturity.
Sex is the communion of two souls
in complete pleasure in life
Sex plays a vital role
in all human endeavors in the life of the world
And so sex is very important
in achieving divine bliss too ultimately!

Beauty is perfection
in the combination of vital elements in art
Such Beauty is Truth in the Temple Art
we all see everywhere
And love of such truth in earnest desire
is real devotion to God.
Each deity is a model of perfection
everyone has to try to achieve
But it is left to the devotee to select the deity
to achieve perfection of beauty.

Religion and philosophy,
literature and culture, life and art are
What the temple is
the symbol of the whole in one to know first.
As in sex with one mind everyone has to enter the temple
To commune with the whole of everything in one God;
That is the way to love and worship God
to get peace and satisfaction.

The beauty of Nature surrounding the temple
touches the heart first
That brings the necessary mood
before one enters the temple to fulfill one's wish
The pilgrimage to mountain shrines
touching heaven and earth is hence most attractive
And Nature and the Temple Art
nurture human nature to divine nature finally.


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