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The Tree of Wisdom

The tree of wisdom
Once flourished in the Garden of Eden (earth),
It was filled with all manner of fruits and delights,
But non must be picked too soon...
for that interferers with nature,
However; once a crop is ripe for usage and digestion,
it will fall from the tree of wisdom,
by the forces of natures breeze,
Not humankind's greed and quest for power.

And it came to pass,
the mortal thirst for knowledge outpaced universal laws,
Avarice progressed, stripping the tree bare of all its wisdom,
Yet, that was not enough...
human avarice wanted more and more,
alas, the harvest was no more,
so the deluded,
who lost the brilliance of nature,
cut down the tree of wisdom,
to use it as fuel for the intellectual mind
to grow dogma and divisions.

And so, the majority of humankind
developed their intellect and lived
by the innovative thoughts of the ego alone,
along with a few gold nuggets of past wisdom,
that the tree of wisdom seeded,
within the human DNA and genes.

As humankind grew in numbers,
the dominance of the intellectual ego overtook
the creations of the tree of wisdom,
and people began their spiral downwards
towards extinction.

just a small percentage of the worlds population,
hold the original seeds of wisdom,
from the tree of wisdom ...
For they still possess the direct connection
to the universal creators spirit.
They know the method of planting
the authentic embryos of prosperity
back into the minds of humanity and thus...
into the DNA and Genes of future generations of humankind.

Will humanity stop and heed the wise ones words ...
Or will the future cry be ...
Too Late?

Will humanity become an extinct species,
well before its shelf life is due to expire?

Time will Tell ...
Be quiet, be still and listen...
For you can make all the difference in this world.

Spread your Love and Joy
to everyone you meet and greet ...
Light up the room with your smile
and know beyond any doubt ...

Gods Walks With You,
Inside Your Shoes


More By  :  Michael Levy

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