Theme: Pain

The Train

Tonight I sit here feeling alone and blue,
My heart filled with agony and pain.
My home, my life destroyed in the morning dew,
For I lost her, to a fast moving train.

She used to laugh when she'd tell me,
Honey I did it, I beat another train again.
But today, that all ended in tears for me,
Cause I lost her, to a train in the rain.

It happened on those tracks in Tennessee,
When her engine stalled and her car was dead.
A fast moving train, heading for Montgomery,
Was coming, full speed ahead.

Morning had dawned, when the train collided with her car,
The train engine smoking, as it tore it to shreds.
Now I'm living my life in misery, staring at the stars.
For the one that I loved now is dead.

Oh! the whistle was blowing,
The streets were echoing
But she was gone in an instant,
Her car ripped to pieces.
My wife's life was taken,
On the morning of Easter.
And when the train came to a stop that day,
It was five and one half blocks away.

Now as I sit here alone,
I feel I don't want to go on living.
For my wife, she taught me a lesson,
And now I cling to her pillow in agony.

Off in the distance, I hear another train.
As I wonder, if tonight I could be holding her hand.
Because now, my wife lives in Heaven,
And for Easter, I had bought a new wedding band.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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