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The Turning Point

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(In Memory of the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
A dream beneath my dreams 
woke me up now to categorize 
the top news event of the 20th century 
witnessed by the Earth 
No doubt, the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
tell the horrifying tale 
of human sufferings 
burnt in the wide open hearth !
Atomic bombs dropped on these two cities in 1945 
created the havoc of destruction 
and death of the fellow mankind 
Within the twinkling of an eye, 
a civilization was totally vanished, 
with innocent millions that does boggle my mind !
Just the night before, 
moistures from the sea winds soaked these cities, 
to keep them cool from the blazing morning sun 
While the massive structures and buildings, 
occupied by the dwellers, 
were watching the moon and stars, simply for fun !
Waves from the nearby sea were roaring, 
and pleasing the millions busy 
with their solemn rituals to earn their daily bread 
But, suddenly the huge fireballs crushing 
through the surroundings leveled the ground, 
and ashes buried the human thread !
The hapless millions disappeared from the Earth, 
along with the stones and gravel 
that built the civilization at that time 
While the bitter memories haunt to smell 
the burnt flesh and structures, 
and hear the echoes through the winds' chime !
Radiation from the chemicals still keeps on destroying 
the genealogical balance 
of the survivors followed by the fear 
Today, even after fifty years, the sad tales of the ashes 
are still vivid around the world, 
and drenches our eyes to tear !
With the passage of time, 
the questions that I ask myself today, 
focus on the "so called" civilization now 
About the lessons that we have learnt 
through the rubbles and ashes 
are not enough to take the sacred vow ?
The "superpowers" are the true power mongers 
to spread the deaf forces of money 
and dominate the rest 
While the exploitations still continue 
in developing nations, 
and the world is threatened with nuclear test !
Well, I can see the days of "double standards" prevail 
in some form or manner, 
ignoring the lessons from the past 
At times, I wonder about the necessity 
of existence on our Earth 
as a proud human being which may not really last !
The ashes from the mistakes of our own still do not teach 
the horrible consequence 
buried in the piles of the history lane 
But the time is ripe now to weave threads of emotions 
followed by feelings of brotherhood 
before we drive us to insane !
Let us think about freeing the mankind 
from the grips of superpower 
and allow the unaccounted emotions to flow 
For the benefit of the globe and human beings, 
irrespective of dwellings or nations, 
with birthday candles to blow !
Let the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
be a constant reminder 
of misinterpretation of the definition of beloved mankind 
And pave the way through this turning point 
to promote harmony with beauty 
and bring eternal peace from anywhere we can find !!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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