Theme: Life

The Ultimate Addiction

Each breath, governed by caprice.
Each step, shadowed by uncertainty,
and yet so hopeful, yearning for light,
as it is always to come.
It goes on...
Hurling in the deepest trenches,
and then making way to the top.
Meeting and learning on its way,
for a purpose, but unrevealed.
It pushes on.
Falling in love and getting seduced,
getting sucked into the vacuity,
just to be burped out as coldly.
And all over once again
It tempts on...
More euphoric than cocaine,
more benumbing than morphine,
more exalting than alcohol,
more intoxicating than lust,
yet moral.
Each day I step out,
I have now begun enjoying this,
almost getting addicted to this.
but hopeful,


More By  :  Rajeev J Vasani

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