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The Vanishing Ganga

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Before this century is gone
The Ganga would have returned
To the heavens from whence it came,
So say the environmentalists.

The Gomukh glacier is receding
Faster than we had anticipated,
The greenhouse effect is now
Taking a toll of the devabhumi.

Look, religious tourism is on the rise!
Everyone is out to get a piece
Of the sacred ice before it is gone.
We all want moksha before it is too late.

You think this is reason enough to worry,
But wait a minute:
Global warming and human greed
Only fulfill a prophesy in the shastras.

We knew all along that in kalyug
The Ganga would return to the heavens
From whence it came, and watch benignly
From above, the goings on of mankind.

Once that happens you will see her
Only in the rainy season
Whistling through the dry ravines
As another mountain stream.

We, with the tonsured head, can tell you
There's nothing to worry at all.
Once the Ganga vanishes, we will
Still worship her like Saraswati,

We will still seek moksha,
We will still take a dip at Prayag Sangam,
We will still do the kriya at Haridwar,
Perform all the rituals as of yore.


More By  :  Mukesh Williams

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