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The Web of Freedom

I wonder if anyone ever notices…

The tears that a fish might have shed while in water
or the confusion a bird may have faced on going back to its shelter?

The sigh of a dove while flying in air?
the anguish of a candle while burning with flair?

The unfulfilled desire of a tree to look beyond its horizon
Or the woe of a falling leaf in autumn?

The yearning of a shadow to lift itself off the ground?
the silent cry of a piano's symphony under its vibrating sound?

The pain of those dreams that want to be touched
or the want of a painting to see its own beauty and such?

The longing of the mountain to embrace its pair?
the pining of tears that want to hold on to my eyes but cannot
coz' they're destined to fall?

The agony of a flower that knows its fate is to shrivel and wilt
or the anguish of the cloud that is propelled by the blow of the wind?

Solitude that's in search of words?
Ghosts in half-lit caverns that want to live … again?

The rainbow that for once wants to be caught and not chased?
or a dewdrop waiting to fall from the edge of a grass blade?

Craving of darkness that wants to see daylight?
wrong that has been done and wants to make itself right?

Fog that wants to see the other side?
or forbidden feelings that do not wish to hide?

I wonder does anyone "ever" discern…

The chains that bind us even while we're free to move 
in the web of our so-called "Freedom"?


More By  :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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