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Three Cheers For Democracy

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Here is a modern project of enlightenment '
Democracy, nation building, the voice of the people.
Remember democracy is for one and all.
It is the west's kindest gift
After the white man's burden and manifest destiny,
To the rest of the world.

Just for the sake of argument
Is there a better system that you can imagine?
No, certainly not.
Yet its imperfections far outweigh its hype.
Where is the voice of the people? Where are human rights?
Should you campaign for majoritarianism or liberalism?

You must traverse vote banks, political violence and
Wait for four years to redeem imperfect elections,
To remove a leader, to usher in reform.
And what about those leaders
Who feel within themselves the voice of the people?
Those who become the heartthrob of millions?

Such leaders must stand alone,
Fight the oligarchy, the military and the local mafia,
And if they survive political assassinations at home
They need endorsement from the powers that be,
From the musclemen of the world, from business giants,
And finally they must face an uninformed public.

You don't need to go back in history,
You don't need to be a history scholar,
To find out the heroism of political leaders,
To find out the tragedies of political families,
Those who want to do something for
Their country, something for their family.

And not in a negative sense at all!
They need must do something for the nation,
Get a liberal education from Oxford or Cambridge,
Learn the rhetoric of Europe to charm the natives,
Win over the working class, women, and the press.
Just look at the Gandhis, the Kennedys, the Bhuttos!

You wonder where power lies '
In the people or in political groups?
Is the democratic process worth the effort?
Or the anarchic laissez-faire a cynical answer?
Can there be a better alternative to democracy?
If not, then three cheers for democracy!


More By  :  Mukesh Williams

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