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Thought of You...

Shimmerin' lights of celebration
mergin' so well with the glitter from Moon
how I wonder sitting here, so lonely,
and yet so lost in the company of this tune...

The composition that you and I never wrote
the song that we never gave words for 
The symphony that we may never write
Yet, I sit here, listenin' the unsung melody...

The White of Capitol Hill, the splash of water
The glimmer of Moon, and reflection of traffic lights
The blowing of car-horns, the chatting of crowd
The train just passed by blowing a horn
Is it really the midnight ???

As I talk to myself, lost in the memoirs of a turmoil
I see a figure standing there, clad in all whites, with that smile
The voice so soothing, what is a harp ?
The effect so angelic, who needs a God ?
The friend so honest, who needs a family ?

I think of "us" in the midst of the justling
I tend to look at Moon, to see your face show there
As I sit there, wonderin', is it just a year that we met
Or is it me, sitting and dreamin' in the broad night
Perhaps, just me, and your thoughts so bright...

The vibrant lights, changing so fast, just like our moods
Those were the days, when we wld fight
You would go one way, and I the another, and still
The very next day, we were both so "together",
Remember those days, do you ? I do.

Today as I sit across the Capitol, in this wonderful night
I think of you as a wonderful Angel who came into my life
And though you did a great job, somehow, I am scared now
Again, the perpetual feelin' of losing, creeps in..
I think about "us" and I want to hold on ... again, I don't to lose.

Will you go away is what I ask myself, 
and shiver goes down the spine
And "Boom" goes the firecracker up in the sky,
The light so galore and vibrant again, 
that for a second, I am blind
I hold on to the gaze, and see that vibrant face again...
The "true" friendships never die. I tell myself.


More By  :  Neeraj Mathur

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