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This Lovely, Colorful Earth

Fascination for colors is there
in man from time immemorial;
This earth itself is a beautiful
blue-green-white marble
that revolves round the sun
millions of years in space
evolving and sustaining many
beautiful species non-stop!

This lovely, beautiful earth is
perhaps the only place of paradise
or heaven teaching love and life
to live in the whole universe!
This beautiful truth only
cheers and sustains man
so long to live in joy and peace
here so for!

Long survival and familiarity
have made man fed up with
or unconscious of natural, colorful beauty
of the earth to enjoy in isolation;
As a result, differences, disputes, hatred and competition
have driven man mad in the destruction
of everything, good and beautiful!

The creation of the best and the beautiful things
for the benefit of mankind has stopped,
but has increased population and needs,
and dream and desires!
Hence the world is not enough and
time is also not enough for man
in the invention of commercial things to enhance
his material stature but not human nature!

So, where is the time to stand and stare at
the colorfully beautiful nature or follow culture?
Even the sense of beauty, nobody seems
to appreciate in the modern world!
Black color is the best choice in lieu of
white color unlike in the past!
Dyeing hair in green color instead of
black or brown is the fashion today!

Funny funks feel sexy at the sight of
green hair, red eyes and black dress!
Rose, red, blue or yellow color flower bouquets,
nobody seems to love today!
Multi-colored butter flies or birds do not
kindle any sense of love today either!
Sexy make up but not colorful beautification
has become fashion today!

Modern civilization follows
savage culture rather than human culture!
For material prosperity and animal pleasure men wear
colorful dresses, gem stone rings and gold jewels!
Beautiful buildings with colorful furnishings, green lawns
and fountains are where men like to live in!
So, knowingly, men believe in lucky
colors and numbers to live a life of status here!

Wars, industrial exploitation of natural resources
and polluting black smokes destroy the green peace of earth;
Exploitation and destruction of beautiful green lands
bring dangerous green house effect to earth,
And the global warming or changes of nature
change this lovely, colorful earth
into a land of floods and droughts
as dull as dry brown deserts!

Is this what, we, the people of the world
want to see and live so?
We should have sense of beauty - sense of color
to appreciate the natural beauty of the earth!
So, we should fight against pollution,
ugliness and wars in the world;
We should foster beauty, hues of color
in everything and promote peace in the world!

The golden dawn, the silver moon and
the starry nights of the sky,
Meandering rivers, greens forests and the snow
capped, misty mountains of the earth,
Green parrots, grey pigeons, multi-colored
king fishers and bluish green peacocks,
Roses, white lilies, multi-colored guinea
flowers and many more colorful, fragrant flowers,
Where can we see, if not in this
lovely, colorful earth,
the only planet, we have to live on,
in the whole universe?


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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