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This is I

I come from a land unknown,
And I breathe the dust
Rugged and lost in this barren land
I thirst for a touch of the wind
That will cleanse me off this sin
A sin that was never a part of me
A deed done unto me
I thirst for the winds of salvation
To cleanse me of this scum
Then I see the armor and the shield
Brought before me
Then I realize that
This is I
I long for the wet rains to come
And wash away all the hate in me
And create a new me
Who has learned to love all over again?
I know not what is in me
That urges me to go forth
Into a mist of nothingness and despair
I know that there is no me
Without the lines of fate
But then again I realize
That this is I.
Accept me or despise me
This is the way I was meant to be
To rise from the dust and to return to it
Without a stone left unturned
I came and I am gone
To nothingness I sank
My very existence despised
But then this is I
I learned to love and hate
I believed in love and I was betrayed
I trusted in fate and I lay faithless
I knew this was meant to be
Nothingness was my fate
Every line told the story
And every word cried my innocence
But no one paid heed to me
That is why this is I.


More By  :  Sarita Laitflang

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