Theme: Separation


by Supriya Bhandari
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The creeping loneliness overpowers me at night,
Beating heart turns into a boiling volcano.
Chilling silence pierces like a sword,
My frayed heart yearns for unity.
Nobody is there to listen.
Silence prevails.
Tick, tick of clock makes the pain more acute.
Pain swells and spreads in the whole body.
Too acute pain too inarticulate I turn,
Heart jumps to mouth and tears flow ceaselessly.
Fingers itch for your contact but shrink at the impossibility.
Hush……………silence still prevails.
Tick, tick of clock hammers my mind,
Nobody listens; the raving heart makes me frantic.
I yell inside,
Swollen eyelids droop and cover the wet eyes.
Neither sleeping, nor waking,
I gaze at distant horizon,
All words evaporate.
My gaze turns into haziness,
Vision blurs and I am lost.
Hush…….silence still prevails.


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