Theme: Vegetarianism

A Monument to Farm Animals?

Amongst the weed, stones are bleached white by the sun. Mind, they are not
really stones but fossilized bones of animals we have eaten through the times.
Goats, sheep, pigs, cattle and the odd dog. If I collect the bones I will be able to
build a tall pyramid that will look necromantic at night. In my home town there
was only one neon light on top of a building, it read: “Jesus Saves.” A summer
night I shouted through the open window: Saves what?” I heard a whisper:
“Souls.” It was followed by laughter, my brother and his girlfriend, in the street
below looking up having great fun. I could have, on top of my great pyramid,
a neon sign that reads.“ Animal Saves.” “Saves what?” I could have said hunger.
But I don’t want vegans at my door offering me soy burgers. Carnivores we are,
just like lions and tigers, but since we are human we must treat, the animals we
eat; gently and painlessly kill them before supper time.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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