Theme: Catastrophe

The Aftermath

The town wore a deserted look
Rubble scattered and piled
All around the skeletons
Of the once beautiful buildings
The wrath of the Gods was evident
From the trembling of the earth
And the loosening of the grounds
That for centuries had supported the town

Traumatised children covered with dust
Rummaged desperately through the debris
To recover their toys and prized possessions
Some adults went in search of fresh water
While others shell shocked sat around in groups
Speaking in muffled voices of the quake
It was as though they were afraid that noise
Of any kind would bring on more tremors

Rescue workers were still trying desperately
To reach the town which had been cut-off from
Civilisation after the main bridge collapsed
Then something unusual happened
There was a strong wind which blew across
The affected area taking with it the dust
The survivors seemed to look cleaner and
Could even identify some scraps of food
Like biscuits and bread which looked edible

They called out to the children more audibly
And started rationing out the morsels of food
As well as sips of juice from the cans
Which were found intact in the rubble
Soon signs of hope returned into their eyes
Amazing how a little food can help boost morale
Even in desperate circumstances like earthquakes
So until the fresh supplies and aid reach them
They can only hope that another holy wind blows by


More By  :  Sandra Martyres

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