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A Thank You Note to a Slow Computer

by Aditi Misra
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Thank you dear computer, for being so slow,
For a click on a link, from hastened decision,
May have taken me where I mustn’t go.
My internet space crowded
With a strange debauchery and addictions,
Judgement is overruled easily by excesses and self-waste.

And relations, Oh relations! can be established,
And made or broken on this!
For the heart’s sudden ire may one be driven to type,
And break a thread held delicately.
I acted on impulse, you chose to be slow,
And I judged against my ‘in’,
And spoke only what others must know.
Quicker at prejudice: the world, at understanding is slow..
And some secrets and impulses are better held back,
Lest misdirected, to where those who mustn’t yet know,
Or worse still, be the weapon of a foe.
So thank you dear computer, dear server, for being slow,
I cancelled an occurring action,
And avoided a storm: a possible emotional blow.


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