Theme: Love

Love is Ever New

The hill is ancient,
ancient is the glen
but not the thickets –
The leaves, the buds, the flowers
and the wind that passes though…
These are ever new

Ancient is the blue of the sky,
but not the cloud -
It moves like a child new to walking,
moving ever zigzag, ever enchanting

The river bed is ancient,
but not the water in the river,
the flow is new, water moves on, does not age,
their ripples are as new prayers of a sage

The mud, the slush and the clay
it leaves far behind, boulders
turn into shapely pebbles,
the pebbles into gravels
revealing specks of gold,
nuggets of gems and diamond grains

Why not we too
remain ever new?
Leaving behind the slush
of anger, revenge, greed and lust
why not we turn into tiny grains
to reveal the luster of friendship and love!

Anger is ancient
Age-old is lust
Archaic is greed
But love is ever new…
The gem of gems that we ever need


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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