Theme: Values

In My Rose Garden

Droplets congregated on forehead
as body plunged in pool of gilded heat
fountainhead floated in the sky
Impaled on threadbare needles
I toiled in my rose garden

Earth splashed dirt in jest
onto arms legs, neck, head
fingers plucked thistle
thorns embezzled occasional bead
off veins on fingers
With artisan's dedication
I groomed in my rose garden

Impelled by some ulterior spur
twigs propelled fireballs
marshalled petals onto petals at barrel's edge
marvelled I
picked enticing two and ten
lips open
Kindled synchronous fire in salutation
to the sovereign of my heart
spurting blood in smile
on to her contoured lips

"Ah" eyes shined as cat's in dark
"ardent embellishment of sanguine petals!
gleaming face of florist
of artisan
of flower sculptor
shines through”

"Spark that bloomed in blaze
was lit in my rose garden"

Cat blurred as ancestral Cheshire
“Own garden!”

Tongue had whispered tale of sweat
engulfed in vacuous silence
into ears of lips
of veins of mind

Silence chirped chirps
each without “r” and “s”
stretched “i”

Flame was doused swiftly with water
in antique vase
in crafted pool
Tiny caravan of cannons
fireballs at barrel's edge
reversed the course of army
of infatuation
that had invaded my heart
while I slept
or wandered

Spotted a thistle sprouting
as I glanced in my rose garden


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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