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Intelligent Onion

by Bindu Vidyadhar
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One layer upon another
Many are there altogether
A simple onion never struck me before
That it holds the secret of Life at its core

Equating each layer to all we possess
Vanity as gaudy as a concubines dress
As each layer is one by one stripped
With the sword of intellect, possessions be ripped

The core of the onion seems to be empty
Evident though from here sprouts plenty
Deceptive emptiness, within hidden a shoot
In “Nothingness” Life takes root

“Nothingness” is not empty, creation begins from here
It is not empty at all as it does appear
Timid hearted will not find out how, the Truth is for the bold
Even in the present moment, liberation exists behold

An onion when cut, brings forth tears
Upon Self Realization the effect is the same, say the seers.
Intelligent is the onion, on this we can ponder
In every bit of matter Truth is hidden; What a wonder!
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