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Violin for Ananya

The young man put
Small cells
Into the violin
And tried to
Move the bow
On a movable plate
The violin moved
To music
And a man
Who was watching
All amused
Moved with it
To take it
As a consoling gift
Not today
Or tomorrow
He would wait
With satisfaction
And patience
And memories
And imagination

With a young girl
He has been moving in
And out of the toy shops
In a far away land
To find a violin
Like the one that
Was made on her birthday cake

Today he stepped into
A toyshop and found
Joy with a violin
To take home
For a girl
Not today
Nor the next month

But he would stay
Awake to see
The Joy travelling
With him from one
Continent of fruits
To another continent of roots

Even before the aircraft
Touches the runway
The heart runs home
As a child rushes
To welcome her
Home-coming father

The bow in the tiny hands
On the strings of violin
Moving with satisfaction slowly
And with Joy shouldered
Short-lived though
Deep at the moment
Deep as distance
Is oceanic even
Memories grope in
Darkness as the days
Pass by slowly and stealthily
For the beginning of
A Journey homeward
With earnings and yearnings
As the bow moves on the strings
of a violin
Is soothing though
Heard for a brief period
Expands ripples into ripples
On the entire surface
And creates the image
Of tiny fingers holding
A bow on the strings of
A tiny violin
Though small, encompasses
Cosmos in the tiny
Palm of her hands.


More By  : Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad

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