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An Inanimate Life

Cheetah, Jaguar and Lion, have to cease their ferocious volition
And bow down and conduct like captured POWs,
No matter it is a German shepherd, Doberman or Rottweiler
It has, still, to knee-trot...else be cast off mercilessly,
Just because it is an Arabian or Paint or Quarter Horse,
It cannot gallop at will, or fly like Pegasus,
Neither the monkey can ape and run away in a wink,
Be it a Rhino, Hippo, Zebra or Giraffe,
Beetle, Bee or Butterfly
From beasts to birds,
Animals to amphibians,
Insects to endangered,
Only one word rules the roost,
The writ of darling grandchild.

The car has to live up to its boasted test conditions
And rev up to the speed her hand directs,
The plane can’t take off, she is the ATC,
No! The bridge can’t collapse under the lame excuse
That it has only been laid with ’plastic building blocks’

From the moment she wakes up till she sleeps,
They must play this circus over and over till she gets bored
There are no breaks, bonuses or burses

The only compensation they can expect in return
Is the pleasure and passion
They were otherwise deprived as inanimate


More By  :  N. S. Murty

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