Theme: Life

How to Live

Most people do not know how to live.
They just copy others
creating aversion, discord,
leading ultimately to violence.

They create so much confusion in society
that they themselves get entangled in it
and then they finally die very unhappy.

I do not dream like those space scientists
looking for life elsewhere
oblivious to the woes of this world.
People's tears are not for them,
nor their misery, their impoverishment.

The Earth will surely be like Mars and Venus one day
lifeless in mankind's mad hunt for life elsewhere!

For me, it is the mendicant,
it is the seer,
who takes very little from this world
and contemplates on the wonders bestowed
on this Earth and the Universe.

I respect them;
for they really know
what to make of the precious life!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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