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Carnal Desire

When a fifty five years old man molests a nine year old girl
one is aghast!
Is the man insane?
Or, inebriated the man had lost senses?

What do you do to such a man?
Deal with the law of the land, naturally.

What happens to the girl
who has not learnt
to deal with man's carnal desire?
Nobody has told her
that a beast can come out
of any man from nowhere
and then she has to run for her honor!
But the girl could be too young
to learn that too!
Post facto she has to be told
that it was as if a snake came out in the green grass
and bit.
It could have happened to anybody;
and like all bad incidents
they are best forgotten.

There was a time, a nine year old girl was married off
to an eighteen year or even to an eighty eight!

Do not men dream comely women in arms,
fuelled more so by the film industries of the world,
and surrogate depictions?

How healthy knowledge gets imparted about libido?

A problem really,
a hazard too,
like so many hazards living and living healthy endures.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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