Theme: Faith

To God: For All His Love

When I was groping in the dark, you came as a light,
When I was losing heart, you pushed me on to fight.
When life became awful, you granted divine grace,
When I was desisting, your bounty left me amazed.
When I began to complain, your gifts kept me checked,
When life seemed ending, you promised me a new space.
When I was depressed, you cheered me like an associate,
When love turned into spite, you came with a new comrade.
When I was drowning in tears, you gave me a rainbow,
When cryptic desires pinched, you have much more to endow.
When the mind was torn with distrust, you were still the same,
When I impugned your love, you altered my frame.
When you have been there for me alone,
When you have listened to all my groans,
When you have cared for my every tear,
When you were there to dispel every fear,
When you have made my life bliss,
When you gave me myriad reasons to smile,
Then, let me explicate your magnitude divine,
You, yes, only you are my only valentine.


More By  :  Supriya Bhandari

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