Theme: Humor


If you could click a photograph
And get people framed in it for life;

If you could flip through the pages of a textbook
And have it all stored in your memory;

If roads moved by themselves
And carried you along anywhere;

If all the medicines in the world
Were made of the brownest chocolates;

If clocks chimed according to your whims,
Faster on Mondays and slower on Sundays;

If you could sprout wings and fly invisible,
Vanish from a corner and appear at another;

If you could wear a special pair of glasses,
And see the Truth about everything around;

If you had antennae embedded in your brain
To pick up signals from friends and fiends alike;

If you could
See thoughts fly by,
Hear the sound of silence,
Sing the song of the breezy wind,
Taste the milky white clouds,
Dance to the tunes of the rainfall,
Feel the eyes of aliens on you,
You'd know it's the effect of
An after-lunch lecture!!


More By  :  Maheshwari L

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