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Let Tooth Prevail

When kingpins nearing eighty,
deviod of all enamel,
behave in manners weighty
like the legendary camel,
‘tis time to hold your breath,
avoiding khadi diarrhoea,
or face malodorous death
from a ruling pyorrhoea.

When Democracy degenerates
to a Demo of Hypocracy,
When a multi-Alliance creates
a Non-Reliance reality,
‘tis time to think again
of goons & gun-toting chums
causing us constant pain,
and creating bleeding gums.

When a Constitution becomes
an Institution that is Conned,
When Government dumdums
are so senselessly spawned,
‘tis time to look beneath
what doesn’t meet the eye,
‘tis time to pick your teeth
ridding them of scum that lie.

When a country’s Matriarch
does accommodatingly stoop
to a subversion so stark
for a rotter in her coop,
‘tis time to give Senora,
the shape of her native roots,
without further brouhaha -
the Order of the Boots.

When criminals are hanged,
and officials just suspended,
and politicians defanged,
and rested, not arrested,
‘tis time to play the fixer,
and seek sanity in the sense
of greasing your rusty sixer
and seeking recompense.

When all penguin judges
brought in from the cold
belatedly debate their fudges,
trying to recast their mould,
‘tis time for dentrifices
to cleanse each mealy mouth,
to kill without any misses
from North to East and South.

When politicians, young probables,
spend mornings, noons & nites,
yet cannot turn the tables,
despite their pearly whites,
‘tis time to debrace them
and pat them on the back
for trying to stop the mayhem,
and give old guys the sack.

When their so obvious worth,
unheard in most of sessions
remains unused from birth,
when angst remains obsessions,
‘tis time to shun the toothless
bring on their ripened death
in manners however ruthless
before we gasp for breath.

When Election mean Selection
remember Wilkes Booth,
big shot for gunning Lincoln,
showing an incising tooth,
‘tis time to check your guns,
shunning any possible dud,
‘tis time to hit the Huns
and nip them in the bud.

All Dynasties aren’t evils
nor all Alliances taboo,
but they shouldn’t be like weavils,
undoing what they should do;
All diarrhoeas do not kill,
but without adequate therapy
in the form of shot and pill
can become fatal dysentry.

All Dynasties are not sick.
Even diarhorreas needn’t be;
but surely we can pick,
electing prudently;
All Dynasties needn’t be fatal,
a maligned acorn can be,
from stages neo-natal,
a decent family tree.

Give teeth a prerequisite
for them that need to chew,
elect those that are explicit
in their general point of view.
Pick young balls of energy
- Nuclear, Kinetic or Solar,
bringing with each electee
a perfectly bright white Molar.


More By  :  Nikhil Sharda

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