Theme: Rebuke

A Modern Day Elizabeth Bennet to Mr. Collins

You really must know me within
For you just turned my innards out!
Your recent proposal-a rehearsed pick up line
And vulgarly cheesy, without a doubt.

You think yourself a charmer
You practice it with such pains..
Pains to us too! And to our sanity!
I prescribe restrain ...

Ever seen a mane in a hair gel massacre?
I believe it covers your head…
A believer of female’s shifting character,
Your tribe reborn before dead!

You go on and on about ‘The Lady’
The chants about a real life Voldermort!
And cheapened comparisons with HER, you believe
Are the best attempts to court ...

Ever heard the word feminists?
We are better off without you, I say,
And no, we don’t say it for your attention!
We really mean it- so go away!

What I have said may have confused you,
But do answer a question before you leave,
Did you miss Austen’s novel,
Or were you just born a creep?
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More By  :  Aditi Misra

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