Theme: Suicide

A Dilemma

Seated atop a volcano
With nowhere to go
A hopeless scenario
Death by burning
From the hot lava
Waiting to erupt or
By falling down into
The deep ravines
Three thousand feet
Below the volcano

The Clouds decide
They bring a rain storm
Blowing him into the
Atmosphere, somehow
Gravity does not pull him
He remains suspended
In mid-air, too stunned
To feel the impact of
Being soaked in icy rain

In a split second
His future will be
Sealed forever
Overcome with fear
He abandons all
Thoughts of suicide
And the accent
Shifts from not
Whether to, but
Rather how to
Survive- stay alive

God decides to
Intervene and a
Deep voice calls
Out – “Young man
You have a choice
To live or to die”
Unhesitatingly he
Cries out “Live,
I want to live”

“Then return to earth
And live like a man
God gives you life
And only He can
Decide when to
Take it away. Your
Role is to live life
To its fullest
Through good days
And bad – If that
Makes sense to you
You have made the
Right Choice!!”


More By  :  Sandra Martyres

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