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Who created God, our maker and benefactor?
We have always accepted God as our creator
But, how did God, as we know Him, come into existence?
‘Who created God?’ there is no question greater!
Did God appear, from nothing, from nowhere?
And then create the universe, desolate and bare?
From dust and air did He make the stars and planets?
And into this ethereal mold, He then gave life with great care?
Yes, these are legitimate questions to ponder,
About these, man will always wonder,
If God, the Creator is so benevolent and kind,
Why does He not lead us to greener pastures yonder?
If one builds a house out of hard work and love,
One makes sure everything in it fits like a glove.
So, if God built this house called the earth,
Why so much cruelty, and scarcely any love?
Man has been God’s most faithful fan,
But then why is he fighting and rarely can
Agree on one God, to respect and worship?
Why has not God put some sense into man?
Could God be a product of our imagination?
A figure imagined and then treated with veneration?
Could God only be a figment in our minds,
In order to justify our conduct and infatuation?
Is it not true that if one has love in his heart,
Affection and kindness he can enact,
He has emulated God in all His glory,
And God lives in his soul and every body part?
So, look no further for that elusive deity,
Lead a decent life with genuine piety,
Stop worrying about pleasing this or that God,
A life led with love and truth, salvation is a guarantee!


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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