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Grey Hospital and a Brazilian Café

The hotel where I stayed served lousy coffee, insipid and milky.
I knew there was a Brazilian café nearby, on my way there walked
past the closed down city hospital. Grey walls dripping of uncured
diseases, graffiti and dead windows. Convert it into an office block,
but who wants to work there, a place haunted by cynical doctors and
indifferent nurses who stalk the halls at night waiting for their shift
to end so they can get out from this place of horror, and patients
they have lost interest in and can do nothing for.  Tear it down and
throw the debris down a gully. At the Brazilian café the coffee was
strong and healthy; the staff, young, moved as dancers to the music
in the background.  There is much of Africa in the Brazilian soul,
passionate, courageous; yet, sometimes, viciously moody.   
The girl who served me coffee, smiled with lips and eyes, her skin
dark, glowing… fit.  And the sad hospital faded into oblivion.   


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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