Theme: Metaphor

Love Meets Its Metal

Scant little was bad 'bout Sir Galahad
Seeing the kind of gals that he had,
It could drive one to distraction;
'coz for every passioned love he'd feel
He was backed by strength of polished steel
That fortified his attraction.
We need to reiterate a 'thanks a lot'
To a suave, swashbuckling Lancelot,
To give us all direction;
Winning hearts and wars with acumen
Loved by royal ladies & fellow men
That dictated his inception.
And it would be remiss, heartless and crude
To Camelot if one does not conclude
With the glory of their great King;
Excalibur wielding warrior in steel Armour
For his Queen, the ultimate paramour
Fostering justice to mean everything.
The powers of steel, the strengths of love
Evident in the three citings given above
Are truly inspirational;
Love can be unbreakable links that bind
Strong as the finest steel you can find
And equally sensational.
Steel builds all, from aircraft to zippy zippers,
World economies and industrial clippers,
The range unlimited;
And Love conquers all, across tongues & seas
Spreading messages of global peace
& harmony unhibited.
Both are most vital and both man-made,
Both having helped us to make the grade
As the World's best bet;
So that our Earth can be demure,
Feel satisfied and secure
As the sole inhabited planet - yet !


More By  :  Nikhil Sharda

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