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Frustration of a Chatterbox

Restless days and sleepless nights...
of blooming love, sweet talks and fights..
my eyes dim, I want to sleep..
awaken by a sudden beep..
they talk of insignificant matters..
says, "Bye, we shall talk on later."
a moment of peace I try to find..
all of a sudden another duo gets online..
sometimes a group starts talking aloud..
my ears numb, I want to shout..
"Hey, whats up, how are you?"
"I am fine, boy, how do you do?"
the same old words make me irritate..
don't they have any other work for their dates?!!
sharing faces, pictures and files..
my server gets lost fulfilling their desires..
whether a new love story or a break up..
I am fully tortured and pissed up..
idle times are real fun..
I sleep till the next buzz comes..
uselessly, they keep pinging me..
nothing important just to hear from me..
I wish the server disconnects and gift me sleep..
and they get pissed up trying to beep.


More By  :  Priyanka Bhowmick

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