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On Adoption

You and your spouse want to start a family 
So answer the following questions very carefully
Do you want a kid by adoption?
Or do you want one of your own creation?

Do not consider this question very lightly.
Even if both of you’ll just don’t agree
Or your parents can’t just accept it easily
Or the issue of none of my genes is in the baby
Or some advice from a friend given carelessly
Or I want a boy only, as he has a better destiny
Or we have such beautiful genes and so I want a bio baby
Still think hard about the decision and do it thoughtfully

As your decision, decides the whole future of a baby
You should meet a parent who has an adoptee
Ignore the issue about genes as it is an ego centric worry
Then make the choice calmly and not emotionally

Just imagine a baby stuck in a well waving his hand
Hoping for someone to look at him and bring him to land
No one knows that the baby brings along lots of treasures
That will give you and others so many divine pleasures

The baby was left by its mom when it was months old
God knows her reasons but nothing was told
Since that time the baby was cared as part of an age-set
But nothing close to being mummies darling pet

If you, your spouse and the support group finally agree
The process starts by selecting a country, city and agency
And then by finding about the babies and their availability
And then what the waiting period, just might be
And the paperwork, which will drive you just crazy
And you also have to prove that you couldn't have it naturally

The adoption agency then conducts a home study
This tells them about both of your history
And what environment will the child get to see
And what type of parents you just might be

Then there is the question of which little one
Do I want a cute daughter or a handsome son?
This decision is normally left to the adoption agency
As they try to match the parents to the little baby

Everyone wants to adopt a very healthy baby
Everyone wants to adopt one that is as fair as can be
Most everyone does not want a disabled baby
Or a baby with the smallest of defects that you can see
After all the choosing there are babies with problems remaining
Waiting for a good soul to take them without complaining

The baby’s room is finally getting ready
The date is approaching and there is a lot of anxiety
The last minute delays you should expect to see
As the governments who handle the paperwork are lazy

Today is the home coming of the baby
The grandparents and others have gathered to see
The little one then slowly makes her entry
And then starts the celebration in the new family


More By  :  Venkatesh Prasad

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