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A Moon Life!

A Moon Life!1.jpg
Landing on Moon, I wonder at the vast, vacant land
Where there’s no grass, trees, pond, fish, fowl or flesh!

A vast playground where foot ball, cricket, Base ball,
Hockey and marathon, Moon race can be played well!

One sixth of Earth’s gravitation makes one leap as deer
And goes so up and down walking on the soil as in dream!

Living in closed oxygen house is really a new experience
With water generating machine storing water in top tanks
For cultivating crops to produce vegetables, fruits, wheat
On the interior soil for food and survival long there truly!

Seeing the Universe with countless Stars and leaving it
For other planets indeed will be an adventure and fun soon!

Also getting Helium 3 for using in Nuclear Plants on Earth
We hope to solve energy crisis soon for bright future near!

Life on the Moon next is going to be great race for nations
And the top colonizer will be master to repeat Earth game there!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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