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My Broken Sleep...

Huffed from my broken sleep, 
I heard the wall clock tick-tock
like a tumultous streak of sound, 
deafening my fickle ears in shock.

I got off the bed all distraught, 
carting a frantic state of mind.
And all of a sudden saw heaven 
through my window to unwind.

Awe followed the rude awakening
to the nature's mystic sight.
The beauteous scenario was enhanced
by the magic of the moonlight.

I thought it couldn't have gone better, 
Yet it did to my surprise.
A mellifluous song came sailing with
the pouring of rain filled skies.

The trees were not left behind too, 
They also played their part.
Swaying to the song of the nature
with the rhythm of heaven's heart.

From the dull sight of my ragged room
to the sheer musical joy.
My mind once felt so exhausted
found new wings to fly.

Then I lay down on my bed and
closed my quenched eyes, 
And my sleep that was once broken
got mended by nature's lullabies...


More By  :  Vaibhav Pandey

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