Theme: Love

Uncomplicated Love

Why love has to be so complicated?
Come on,
Let us make it simple..
You love me,
I love you...
and that is it
and that is all..

Why this ego, arrogance, attitude and all the useless lists of silly arguments.
Why the unwarranted clashes, why the heart wrenching talks, why the humiliating allegations, why all the justifications, why the clouds of doubts, why self deteriorating comments, why the sarcasm, why those comparisons, why the tests of faithfulness, why those disturbing silences, why the unending hurt feelings, why, why, why all these complications?..

Let us just leave them,
they won't do us any good...instead will steal away these precious moments from our lives, which may, perhaps never come let us simply love and love the way love should be...
Let us keep it simple..


More By  :  Mita Sharma

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