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Don't Talk Business

I suppose you could say
I'm in the God business,
Well, I mean I like to talk about God's intent,
and how people are searching for spiritual truth
in all the wrong places, but that is not
what people want to hear,
after all, isn't a house of worship
or slick, eye-catching guru's seminars,
the place where God's word is spoken?
Who, in their pedantic right mind,
wants to be bored out of their skull,
listening to some simple-minded soul, spouting out
the virtues of living in love & joy,
it just isn't on, is it?
It's far better for good social company to gossip about
the close friend who is having an affair,
the latest medication that gives an erection for ten days,
or gives depressed folks the best way to top themselves,
so much better to dwell on all the negative media news
that is warning how we are all about
to be destroyed, by global warming
or nuclear holocaust,
they say misery loves company,
so it is imperative that good sociable company
must keep misery overflowing, just
for misery sake, so let's all defend the faith in misery,
maybe there should be organized protests marches
to ban real conversations about God outside religious buildings,
they've banned smoking in public places,
why not ban chatting about God in decent company,
oh; it may be ok for a few
simple souls to talk about spirituality,
quietly in secret places, where the conversation
cannot be overheard by intellectual minds,
inasmuch as clever sophisticated people,
should be able to mix in company,
without being infected by such soulful tripe,
and God gets in the way of that, don't you know,
I mean, if God is in your life
how can you live with the mask of the ego?
nah, it can't be done, it's impossible
to be miserable when a true God takes center stage,
you just have to be a slave to ego's will to dwell in misery,
but there I go again, talking about a loving God,
yes, I must leant not to talk about
God's business in decent social company,
because Gods business is not on the ego's schedule,
not in the diary, not on the to-do-list,
best the clever folks out-source God
to meek people, who don't know any better
than to inherit the earth,
they are a rare, natural human breed in-deed
in this day and age,
anyway, enough of this spiritual nonsense,
it's time for a cup of solitude,
in the center of my metaphysical oasis,
anyone care for a slice of illusion?


More By  :  Michael Levy

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