Theme: Spirituality

A New Life

Life drifts by
Day in and day out
Louder, the knells ring
Colder feet scatter about
In search of that, which lies not without
But deep within the walls of the body and mind
Bounds of the gross merge with those of the subtle
Their ways cross while new ones are discovered
Each one leads to grounds never tread on before
With every beckoning comes a gale of fresh air
Unknown to the world, the subtler self walks on
To a no man's land, discovering the edges of life itself,
Crossing them once in a while,
Moving on to a new life within,
While echoes resound without,
The onlooker is perplexed,
He looks on with delight as the mystic Light shines forth'
Evident that the seeker has sought
Now, he strides gallantly along the path unknown,
Unseen and unheard'
Which leads to a New Life...


More By  :  Sugandha Indulkar

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