Theme: Farewell

Wasted Bloom

Only twenty four,a blossoming bud in youth
Burgeoning to spread,to efflorescence;
Expanding consciousness by word of mouth
Created impressions bound in sweet essence

A humble seed germinating to soothe,
Learned in aspects of astrology and science
A scholar of Vedas, skilled from nail to tooth
Executing "Pranic" rites to the needs of om-ni-science.

Parents' blessings erased all traces of being uncouth
Invigorating smiles contagiously unfurling an effervescence;
Chivalrously leading a band of knights away from sloth,
Dealing a firm hand combined with many a dose of indulgence.

To the Pundits of philosophy, ever an inquiring sleuth
In the pursuit of noetics to metaphysically enhance;
Meditating on "Kundalini" energy attired in a loincloth
Thus illuminating a path to Nirvana, a cosmic cognizance.

Maternal embrace in grief, intuitive to the truth
Guessing at a few more days of existence;
A terrible accident, coma, waiting outside an ICU booth
For this loved one,our cherished eminence.

Laid to rest on a funeral pyre
Farewell to a soul released from the fire,
A memory to an augur's booming lyre,
The Almighty chose to nurture as the Sire

This poem is dedicated to our cousin who passed away in July at the age of 25.He had predicted an accident and had made necessary arrangements for his parents and brother after he was no more.How blessed are those parents and that brother!I reverently bow my head to this great soul who I had been fortunate enough to be close to.God indeed walks amongst us.
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