Theme: Love

No One

The silence is deafening
I cover my ears to drown out the sound
I’m about to call out “Babe,”
And then I realize there’s no one around

No one to hold me and tell me, “Its alright, I’m here”
No one to make my troubles go away
No one to say, “Come, I’ll kiss your ears!”
No one to keep sadness at bay

No one to make my things for the day
Those beautiful expressions of love and more
No one to hold my hand while I drive
No one to press my back when it’s sore

No one to make me laugh
No one to tell me things without mincing words
No one to write me touching poetry
No one to show me the way when things are blurred

No one to say, “I love you McGorgeous”
No one to pray with me at night
No one to watch TV for hours with
No one with whom I can fight

No one to stand by me in this world
No one to walk together with in life
No one I can feel safe with
No one to proudly call me his wife

No one to dream a future with together
No one to bring light into my being
That is what I wanted
That is what I had seen

No one to wipe these tears now
No one to ease this pain
No one to fill the emptiness
No one……..I keep waiting…….in vain

No one to love me, no one to care
No one to be my anchor
No one to write on my pages anymore
No one who’ll let it linger

No one first thing in the morning on my phone
No one in the evening at home
No one to call my own
No one……..I’m alone

I’m so tempted to ask God, “Why me?”
But I wont coz I know He has His plan
If He wants you in my life
He’ll make you my man

He’ll make you come back to me
To fulfill the promises you made from your heart
He’ll keep us happy together
To honour and cherish till death do us apart  


More By  :  Flawsome A

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31-Oct-2010 01:20 AM

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