Theme: Transformation

The Wild Woman

For long she had lived
A creature disguised
For long her soul had been starved
Of this vitalizing "taste of the wild"

For long she had lost
She feared revealing her true Self
Feared setting out on a journey
For fear of life itself

Her songs went unsung
Her stories and dreams untold
Her warmth touched those around her
Alas, it didn’t keep her from the cold

For long she had longed
To live a natural life
With innate integrity and healthy boundaries
To undo 'wrong' and do 'right'

Her longing grew intense when she realized
She'd given scant time to her dreams and desires
Too little time to her own creative life
Her life work, true loves that burned within her a fire

She got fleeting tastes of the 'wild'
Through beauty as well as loss
That caused her to become so bereft
She had to pursue the wildish nature, the bridge she had to cross

She leapt into the desert and ran hard searching for a clue
Her eyes scanning the ground, her hearing sharply tuned
Searching under, searching over
A remnant, a sign that she still lived in spite being marooned

When she picked up her trail
She ran hard to catch up
She cleared her desk, relationship and mind
Broke the rules, stopped the world and they had to listen up

"I had lost her, and now, have found her again
I will fight and fight hard to keep her
She has been awakened in me through this miracle of change
She is my permanent, internal watcher"

She is a knower, a visionary, a maker
A listener who guides and urges vibrant life
She is a giver, an intuitive, a creator
A teacher, a mentor, a mother of the 'wild'

She is ideas, feelings, urges and memory
She is the dark, the light, the night, the day
She is the smell of earth after the first rains
She is the voice that says, "Come this way"

She is the one who thunders after injustice
She is the one who turns like a great wheel
She is the things that keep me going when I think I'm done for
She is the incubator of raw little ideas and deals

Since she was found again
She opened doors to the world of the 'wild' Self
She gave the breath to speak what I know
The knife of insight, the flame of the passionate life

She is the Wild Woman in me

Inspired by a book I read in 2007, I've written a few, well not really a few, but some lines on this new 'wild' me. Now when I say 'wild', I don’t mean it in its modern sense which to me means out of control, but in its original sense which means to live a natural life -- with innate integrity and healthy boundaries. And this is how I feel.   


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Comments on this Poem

Comment I agree. Thank u for the advice. Will keep that in mind.

01-Feb-2011 04:24 AM

Comment Though you have a natural flair for poetry, I feel there are times when you should resort to pruning words for brevity and punch. eg. the first verse -

"For long she had lived life
As a creature disguised
For long her soul had been starved
Of this vitalizing "taste of the wild"

...would sound better as -

For long she had lived
A creature disguised
For long had she starved
Of this "taste of the wild"

This is only a suggestion. The poet conceptualizing knows best !

Ravinder Malhotra
01-Feb-2011 04:12 AM

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