Theme: Fantasy


A seagull
soars high in the sky azure
while I stand on the silky sands
near the foaming shores,
listening to the chorus of salt-laced waves.
Suddenly I see you, sitting on a rock,
singing a sad song of solitude.
Oh my enchanting mermaid,
dive and splash in my heart’s pool
and dwell in my love filled colossal aquarium,
adorned with pearl-pregnant oysters,
spiral sea-shells and conches with contours,
where sea-weeds fan-out, waving softly,
where rainbow-hued fishes and darling dolphins
slippery seals, manatels play together
and sea horses gallop, merrily!
Here, we will swim together, arms in arms.
While moon may dive in the water
to comb your golden tresses with a silvery comb…
Oh my sea nymph,
As the moment of full moon tide draws near
your aqua-marine eyes sparkle like crystal goblets of wine,
laced with the intoxicating elixir.
Face to face, we drown in maelstrom of each other’s eyes!
Gust of my warm breath caress your flushed lips
and your golden locks cascade over my face….
The golden jewels of your glowing breasts
beckon and cast a spell on me!
Our lips meet to quench the thirst of centuries…
and our souls sink deep down the unfathomable sea of love.
So what if our bodies could not unite,
orgasm of our souls was so intense that
you transformed me, a mortal man
into a Merman, forever… 
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More By  :  Bharat B. Trivedi

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